Faith & Nate's Senior Portraits at The Pearl District

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Faith & Nate's Senior Portraits at The Pearl District

Oh, to be young and graduating high school! For me, senior portrait sessions have an unmatchable vibe. And I love photographing these young and brilliant students who are ready to take on the world! I especially love the confidence that my young models have. It's not only a great photography opportunity for me, but it's also amazing and so inspiring to hear their stories and what they want to do in the future. I got an opportunity to be inspired once again when I did seniors portraits for Faith and Nate. It was a wonderful experience to be around them and their family. They were so much fun and clearly ready and enthusiastic to explore a new phase in their lives.

Senior Portraits at The Pearl District

Since the pandemic forced so many students to miss out on fun things they'd be doing if they were in school, I ensure that my young models have fun during the shoot. Through these sessions, I just hope to offer them a good time (along with great photos, of course). Both Faith and Nate are graduating from high school, and their mom and dad are also celebrating a big birthday milestone this year. So the family thought of getting this special occasion documented as a memory they'd get to keep forever, and I couldn't have agreed more. So many times, with whatever is happening in our lives, we tend to forget to celebrate milestones, but in my view, these events deserve to be captured and cherished forever! And that’s what we did at this session.

Since we were kind of celebrating two occasions, we decided to do a combo of senior portraits and family photos at the historic Pearl District in San Antonio, Texas. Faith and Nate put on their green graduation robes while their parents and brother coordinated in black and white. The graduates even had a golden 2021 cut-out, which made for a cool prop for the photos. I also took some couple portraits of the proud parents who looked so happy together, celebrating with their kids. Faith's boyfriend also came to congratulate her, and I took a couple of images of them too. 

Faith and Nate, I am super proud of you! You guys made it! Congratulations on achieving this significant milestone! I know you both have shiny, bright futures ahead. I wish you both and your family all the happiness and good luck. I loved spending time with you guys, and thank you for making me feel like a part of your family.


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If you are also planning for a senior portrait session or a family photo shoot, I am here for you! You can contact me right away, and we can come up with something that you can remember forever. You can also call me on 858.204.8187 or drop an email at I also do engagements and weddings. So, if you or anyone you know is planning to celebrate that kind of milestone, I would love to be a part of that too! To see more of my work, you can check out my Youtube channel or follow me on Twitter.

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