The Destination Wedding of Kimberlie and James Part II

9:18 AM

Welcome to the second half of the seriously romantic, effortlessly beautiful, and surprisingly eventful wedding of Kimberlie and James.  
The beach at Azul Fives in Playa del Carmen includes two docks that stretch out into the Caribbean Sea.  They proved to be a highlight of the wedding day, and an inspiring focal point for some glorious wedding photography opportunities.  
Kimberlie and James embraced each moment of their day graciously; from a bridesmaid making a heroic rescue in the ocean to retrieve the brides veil, to wedding toasts in the drizzle that quickly turned to a downpour.  The near monsoon forced us inside where the party er... reception continued.  The dance club one floor below the rooftop celebration fit the bill well, and there celebrating continued through the night.  

One of my favorite aspects of being a wedding photographer is connecting with such lovely couples.  Even before the wedding day I like to feel like family, getting to know the couple and all of the qualities that make their bond unique.  By the way James looks at Kimberlie, you can tell he has found The One...that is does exist.  This idea of love that surpasses all others, is evident in the images below.  I had a wonderful time with this lovely couple and their family and friends, and I felt so honored to be included in their love story.
I couldn't have done it without my own love and life mate; thanks to my wonderful husband Joshua for assisting me at the wedding!  
One last big thank you Kimberlie and James for choosing me to photograph your 
destination wedding in Playa del Carmen!  

The bridal party setting the example...hilarious!

Both of these images are wonderful, I just can't pick my favorite!

In a rapid series of events, a romantic dip sent Kimberlie's veil sailing into the surf.  Krista turned into the heroine in one fell swoop!  She didn't hesitate, just ran right in bouquet and all!
Mission Impossible complete!  Krista said, "I'm not going to let the bride loose her veil on her wedding day!"  Way to go!

Save me!

Using off camera flash, I am able to make the sunset pop and bring out the detail in the dock, ocean and sky.  Not to mention giving Kimberlie and James that high fashion feel.

Wedding days are hard on the little ones. Addison was the prettiest flower girl, stealing all of our hearts!
Don't you just love the foo foo chair covers? Adding that extra touch of glam!

This is my favorite time of day.

Even with the rain, an exciting first dance was a success! How did you guys stay on your feet?!

Oh yea baby! Good luck right? Kimberlie and James finally caved and took the reception inside.

A couple nights after the wedding, I was able to sneak a couple shots of their romantic dinner out on the water.  

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