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Welcome to Jen Z photography, 
I’m Jen and this is something that I will always love.  Turning your moments into better than imagined memories. I enjoy taking many types of images like the the timeless family portrait, the airy sunlit framer for your desk at work, the in-the-moment-squeeze-giggle that always makes you smile, and the seemingly impossible action shot.  I love dramatic lighting to add some edge, and my all time favorite is turning your unique events into genuinely exceptional works of art.  

I earned my Masters Degree in 2008, and soon found my creative and free spirit never felt content with a career in business alone. Instead of fighting it, I gave in to the unicorn inside, the one that thrives off some of life’s most powerful moments.  Dedicated to the constant upward evolution of my craft, I am always focusing on posing, lighting, composition and  capturing those perfect moments that naturally unfold when we are with those that “get us.”

Because my photography business is a passion and a labor of love, you’ll never find me without a cheery disposition and a true interest in making sure that you’re completely happy with your photos.

Looking forward to getting to know what make you awesome,

Jen Z

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