Caitlin & John's Engagement Session In Newport

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Caitlin & John's Engagement Session In Newport

Newport is a gorgeous city in Rhode Island with beautiful beaches, dramatic cliffs, and incredible views to draw you in. Thanks to its stunning locations and awe-inspiring surroundings, Newport has featured in many classic movies such as The Great Gatsby and Lolita, and why not? All those lavish mansions, Newport’s rich history, and breathtaking backdrops make this city by the sea one of the favorite shooting spots of many filmmakers and photographers. And I’m happy to be one of them. I just love photographing my couples amid the sublime surroundings that Newport provides me with. And when I got yet another opportunity to make the mesmerizing vistas of Newport a part of my latest photography assignment while photographing the engagement session of my couple Caitlin and John, I was beyond excited! The idyllic beach, the warm glow of the sun reflecting on the blue waters, the lovely natural light, and the crashing waves at Brenton Point, where we did this shoot, came together beautifully and helped me create some impressive images!

Newport Engagement Photography

It was a beautiful day, and the weather was lovely when we set out to this rocky beach to create some gorgeous engagement photos. My couple chose the perfect colors for their attire, which not only complemented each other but also blended so well with the scenery around. Caitlin chose a long and flowy blue dress to capture the wind and the nautical vibes in the photos. However, to our disappointment, there was not much wind that day. Even I would have loved to have some blow around the skirt of my bride’s dress! But when nature doesn’t give you wind, you create some! So, I came up with an idea and asked Caitlin to just twirl around, which she happily did, and voila! I got some great shots of Caitlin in her flowy dress, just the way I had envisioned. Also, as Caitlin walked on the sandy beach with her handsome groom, John, I immediately froze the moments in my camera. The couple looked adorable walking hand in hand, lost in the moment, and we also got the beautiful flare in my bride’s dress that we wanted to showcase in these beach images.

Once we were done capturing the romantic photos of my couple as they walked on the powdery sand or sat for a moment to soak in the beach vibes, I was happy to see that Caitlin and John were adventurous and willing to climb the rocks too. As a photographer, photographing couples who are up for anything always makes me happy. Not only does it make my job easy, but it also helps me get creative and add variety to the images I take. My bride and groom just relaxed on the rocks and basked in the golden glow of the sun as I continued to photograph them from various angles. The way they looked at each other, held hands, and smiled - everything just added so much charm to the images. The sun created gorgeous silhouettes, and the sea birds flying above gave a beautiful finishing touch to the beach photos. At one point, my couple just stood together on the rocks and looked at the sparkling, majestic sea before them - just the way they’re looking forward to a bright and brilliant future together. Caitlin and John, that’s exactly what I wish for you and a lot more good things in life!

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Caitlin and John, you two are amazing and I love you! Doing your engagement photo shoot was a pleasure for me, and I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful you guys look together! The sand, the sea, and the gorgeous scenery all around also made for a perfect setting to document your journey through my photos. I had a great time photographing you two and look forward to more photo sessions with you in the future. I want to thank you for laying your trust in me for your engagement photography and wish you happy planning for your upcoming destination wedding at Linden Place in Bristol. Cheers!

If you or someone you know is also planning for an engagement photo shoot, you can drop an email to me or call me at (401) 855-4856 for bookings. I also do wedding photography and family portraits. My style is natural photography and candids. So, if you are looking for something similar, I am here to help you! Also, if you want a unique GIF booth for your wedding, I can provide you with one. To see more of my work, you can visit my website or follow me on my Instagram and Facebook.

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