Big Family Photo Shoot

6:00 PM

Big Family Outdoor Photo Shoot 

Family portrait sessions have a charm of their own. The genuine emotions, the reverberating laughter, the twinkling eyes, and unmatchable expressions that speak of the deep bond between family members are heartwarming! The happiness they feel in each other’s company, the way they enjoy being together, and their bright, relaxed faces are a pleasure to witness and photograph. These sessions do not just give my clients amazing photos with their families but a lifetime of memories together. And, that’s why whenever I get the opportunity to photograph a family, I’m always extremely delighted. Now, imagine the level of my excitement if I get to do it for my past clients! That’s exactly what happened when Jess and Corey chose me to photograph their big family. I had photographed their wedding, and now, I was going to take their casual family portraits. And, what stunning images we created together!

Big Family Outdoor Photography 

Jess and Corey were accompanied by their twins, Liam and Kennedy. Jess's brother and his fiancée and Jess's parents were also a part of this wonderful photo shoot. The whole family was so chilled out and in such high spirits that the only thing I needed to create incredible images of them were a couple of cool-looking trees!

I loved how the whole family coordinated outfits with a palette of multiple colors that were not too catchy-matchy! One noteworthy thing in their attire was the inclusion of yellow and mustard shades in the clothes the ladies and the kids wore. The colors blended beautifully with the gorgeous yellow leaves on the majestic maple trees and the dried ones strewn on the ground. The litterfall, by the way, totally gave an impression of a giant ruffled carpet - perfect for the family to sit down and unwind. The images that I got of this beautiful family as they indulged in some pure fun and frolic while relaxing on the patch of dried leaves under the canopy of trees came out to look striking. As a photographer, this is one thing I truly love about fall - the attractive and visually arresting hues of the leaves in a riot of colors make for perfect backdrops and also add so much context to the photos. 

When taking family portraits, it’s sometimes hard to remember to capture group shots, and honestly, it could be too hard to organize on your own. That’s why I prefer taking candids. I find it to be better to let the family enjoy their time together, while I take natural photos of them rather than disturbing their fun time to pose them a certain way. Because that often makes the whole process a bit too mechanical and difficult for all parties involved. So, when I saw the kids running around and playing on the leaves, I just knew some cutesy images were waiting to be created! And, that’s exactly what I got. The younger couples had their share of fun, and the elder one was not by any means lagging behind in enjoying their time with their lovely family. All these tender moments and genuine expressions made for impressive family images. 

During the shoot, I learned that these grandparents were highly involved in watching the kids every day, and their bond with the little ones clearly showed as the kids happily played with them. Not only was this heart-melting for me to watch but also gave me an excellent opportunity to create some stunning images to bring out the beautiful tie between the grandparents and the grandchildren. Many times, photographers might miss taking photos of the kids with their grandparents. But to me, it’s an invaluable keepsake for the kids down the line. Imagine how the kids would feel about these pictures 10-20 years from now. With that being said, I’d like to add here that family photography to me isn’t just about some quick shots for my client and their family but a beautiful experience that I want them to have. It’s more about how I can help my clients celebrate their families and create memories they’ll cherish forever!

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Jess and Corey’s family has some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! They had such positive vibes around them, and their company was so enjoyable. I had fun throughout this session and really admired the love and bond they all share. Also, the efforts they put into dressing so perfectly were commendable! Be it the little munchkins or the elder generation, creating their portraits was such a joy! I want to thank the family for choosing me as their photographer once again after Jess and Corey’s wedding! And, I look forward to many more fun photo sessions with you guys in the future. 

To all my lovely readers out there - if you or someone you know is also planning a family portrait session, you can drop me an email or call me at (401)855-4856 for bookings. I also do engagements and wedding photography. My style is natural photography and candids, so if that's what you are looking for, I am here at your service! Also, if you want a GIF booth for your wedding, I can provide you with one. To check out more of my work, visit my website or follow me on my Instagram and Facebook.

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