Evelyn & Angel

12:22 PM

Join me in getting the warm fuzzies.  As we remember the sweet and exquisite moments throughout Evelyn and Angel's wedding day. 

 Over the time I have known E + A, we have developed an awesome friendship that made their wedding a treasure to capture.  

All throughout their wedding, guests were flattered by their gracious smiles and warm embraces. 

For the first look and bridal party session we started at the Hotel Del Coronado, then continued to the main event at Admiral Baker Clubhouse.
  Walk with them through their most special day...

To Evelyn & Angel's friends and family: sign in to their Pictage Wedding Event Page. You will be notified as soon as the rest of the individual images go live, and you will receive a gift certificate toward your first print purchase!

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  1. Awesome photos. What an event to remember!


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