The Horning Family

2:15 PM

Nathalie and Tom started as the cutest couple ever.  And now just look at their little gang of cuties! 
This family photo session was fun and energetic from beginning to end. 
With Makayla, Emily, Isabelle and Adam running around, I was glad to catch them all in a good mood willing to listen. 
We had a blast, the shoot was a success!
Enjoy your first professional family photos!
horning 001 (Sides 1-2)horning 012 (Sides 23-24)
horning 004 (Sides 7-8)horning 011 (Sides 21-22)
horning 006 (Sides 11-12)horning 003 (Sides 5-6)horning 005 (Sides 9-10)
horning 005 (Sides 9-10)horning 017 (Sides 33-34)horning 002 (Sides 3-4)horning 009 (Sides 17-18)horning 010 (Sides 19-20)
horning 016 (Sides 31-32)

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