BJ and Brittney’s Engagement Session: Balboa Park

1:41 PM

BJ and Brittney are two of my most favorite people in the world. 
And you can see by their awesome photos exactly why: they are fun and sweet, silly and even a little sassy. 
Usually I give brides a funny look when they say they have a photographer in the family because,
as many of you know, a sports photographer, nature photographer, portrait photographer,
or even an inexperienced wedding photographer, is not who you want shooting your wedding or your engagement photos.  When Brittney and BJ say they have a photographer in the family, we all know who they are talking about…!
A seasoned, talented, and well trusted professional wedding photographer. 
Thank you guys so much for a fantastic shoot, the images came out beautifully (if I do say so myself). 
And Welcome to the Zarcone Family, Ms. Brittney Perdew!

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  1. Very nice photo clicked by the photographer. I like the way you have capture the photo. Keep posting more photos like these..san diego wedding photography


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