Jacki and Art

9:49 AM

Jacki and Art tied the knot on Valentines Day, and Love was definitely in the air!
calilily 002 (Side 1)
Simple Valentine
Hearts Are Red, Oceans Are Blue
The Perfect Day, Is Being With You
A Day Of Love, A Basket Of Flowers
Barefoot On The Beach, With You For Hours
Tossing A Blanket, Down On The Sand
Enjoying The View, While Holding Your Hand
It's All About Simplicity
You & Me For
- Brandy Fenner -
calilily 003 (Sides 2-3)calilily 005 (Sides 6-7)calilily 007 (Sides 10-11)calilily 008 (Sides 12-13)calilily 009 (Sides 14-15)calilily 010 (Sides 16-17)calilily 011 (Sides 18-19)

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