Rebecca and Zachary

11:35 PM

I first met Rebecca and Zachary as a couple on their wedding day...I heard from an understandably frantic Rebecca just nine days before their wedding.  She shared about initially hiring Brooks Photography, and finding out (with less than two weeks notice) that Brooks went out of business and they must find a new photographer for their most special day.  I have to admit, I was thrilled.  Shocked first, disgusted second, and then so happy they found me before the big day.  

Their wedding was nestled in Whispering Oak Terrace in Pala 
and seamlessly coordinated by Missy Pack-Ellis.
Rebecca's Alfred Angelo gown and I got along so well, I was able to sneak away and capture some awesome images of it nearly floating away on the breeze of the day.

Becca and Zach, thank you for trusting me last minute!
I am so glad we found eachother!

Jen Z

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